Quality Policy

The Flesh Co Quality Policy is based on exceeding the demands of our customers at a minimum of cost, in a safe environment.

Some highlights of our system are:

Quality is not a separate function of our production unit.

Quality is a top down function. It takes a management commitment to ensure that quality permeates throughout the organization. It relates not only to conformity of the product that ships to our customer but how everyone interacts in the organization. It starts with the respect that we have for our associates and our associates' respect for the organization, each other, our clients and our clients' clients.

Emphasis is on consistent methods as well as quality results.

A quality product is the desired result but to ensure consistency the processes must be continually adhered to so that the first piece conforms to the last piece and the next run conforms to the prior run.

Emphasis is focused on continual improvement of systems and procedures.

We have teams of associates that are continually addressing how to improve our product, lower our costs, and reduce our cycle time or anything that creates positive energy in the work place to allow us to provide a "better solution" for our customers.

Emphasis on empowerment of the associates.

The Flesh Co Quality Policy is about creating an environment filled with empowered associates who regularly go about the business of exceeding customer expectations in a safe environment while minimizing costs.

Emphasis of providing feedback to the associates.

We measure critical factors and report to all our associates the critical data amassed from these measurements. We document the ongoing efforts of associates to continually improve the performance of the operation and the results of their efforts.

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