Document Security

As one of the most respected trade printing companies in the industry, Flesh Co has continuously set the standard for counterfeit deterrent solutions for printed security products. We regularly upgrade our equipment and train our technicians to stay on top of the latest technological innovations in document security, always with the goal of offering the most secure documents possible.

There are many reasons for creating secure documents. Counterfeit and fraudulent documents can not only cost your customer lost revenue, counterfeit attacks can damage company brand, future sales and customer service. Severe attacks can create increased costs in legal fees and settlements. Documents that can be used to create or assume another identity can help criminals gain access to secure areas, data or services.

A risk analysis should be performed on any document or label that may be a target from criminal counterfeiting. Once completed the document will help us suggest the level of security and types of security devices that should be used in order to protect the document.

Documents may be altered by chemical, mechanical or digital methods. Therefore, it’s critical that any security solution designed into your client’s documents contain a layering of several security devices crossing each of those methods.

Flesh Co offers a full line of covert and overt options for document security. From security inks, foils and papers, to micro-printing and check encoding services, we provide everything our trade partners need to produce the highest possible levels of security in their client's documents. We’re experts at additional document security features such as watermarks, void feature pantographs, chemical sensitive stains, invisible fibers and more.

Our expertise and experience in the production of secure documents has earned us the trust and confidence our trade partners and their client's demand. We produce millions of secure documents each year such as checks, birth certificates, death certificates, manufacturer certificate of origin, vehicle titles and identification cards.

When it comes to document security, no other provider can match the experience and expertise of Flesh Co. Contact us today to learn more about document security or request one of our Document Security kits today!

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Flesh Co uses Appvion security papers

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