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Few companies have invested in state of the art integration equipment like Flesh Co. The growth in applications for integrated cards and labels has exploded with the use of laser and ink jet printers. Our talented technicians are true experts at running multiple components of integrated forms in-line, so we can offer incredible efficiency and top quality at a real value.

Integrated forms take on many variations, however, a basic definition would be the application of a liner material to the back of a sheet. The face is then die cut to allow for the removal of a label or card. The value in this process is in combining two print processes into a single application. For example, a shipping document may be printed in one location of a plant, while the shipping label is printed at a different location and, often, at a different time. The variance creates the potential for errors. Integrated products allow the card or label to be imaged at the same time as the carrier document thus reducing errors and increasing efficiency.  (See our whitepaper on Integrated Document Design)

Integrated labels are used to create marking systems for shipping, products, mailing, return goods and other applications where affixed labels are the best solution. A transfer tape liner is applied to the back of the area where a label will be created. The label size is limited only by the requirements of the user. It’s very common to see multiple labels within a single document.

Integrated cards are normally of a heavy weight stock, such as 28# ledger. A clear laminate liner is applied to the back of the card area. This laminate is a two layer design to allow the recipient to easily lift the card from the document leaving a back laminate for durability. Face laminates are available as well as security lamination to aid in authentication at point of presentment. Face laminates can also aid in enhancing brand image when placed over four color process or other high color print.

Our specialties include Chain of Custody forms that incorporate numerous features into a single, highly efficient document. This may include multiple labels, barcoding, numbering and multiple die cut locations. Integrated cards are also an ideal application where security features can be added to deter counterfeit attacks and aid in point of presentment authentication.    

Whether your client needs unit set, continuous, laser or roll formats, we offer integrated solutions produced with accuracy and consistency.

Contact us today to learn why our trade partners count on us to help them design and produce the perfect integrated form solutions for their clients.   Call us today at 800.835.0098.  You may also order an Integrated Solutions sample kit from our customer support library.


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