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At Flesh Co, our label product knowledge and years of experience provide your clients with label products that will meet and exceed their expectations. We work with our trade partners through every step of the process to ensure the labels we produce will work efficiently for the purpose intended.

Download our New Opportunity Checklist to help gather critical specifications from your client.

With over 600 combinations of adhesives, face stocks and liners, we can produce almost any specialized label you require. Our flexographic presses are capable of 8-color printing with web widths up to 16”. We can also do up to 7 colors plus UV coating for color enhancement and image protection.

We utilize inline digital ink jet systems to create variable image barcoded products in 1D and 2D formats. This same system creates human readable numbers and jumbo numbers for inventory and tagging purposes. Tracking has become critical in operations ranging from manufacturing to online e-tailers. This has generated new opportunities for distributors willing to penetrate those markets and others.

Instant redeemable coupons are a huge growth opportunity in the label world. Beyond prime labels, shipping labels and specialty applications, IRC’s are a new opportunity to generate revenue.

Also, keep in mind that many label applications are being redesigned into integrated label applications. See our Integrated Solutions page for more details.

Count on the label printing experts at Flesh Co for custom pressure sensitive labels, foils, tags, membership ID cards and much more. And with the power of Flesh Co and its extensive array of services, we can help you with applied label solutions as well as those incorporated directly into your client's business forms.

Flesh Co’s expertise and knowledge of real world label applications makes us the ideal choice for labels. Contact us today to learn more.

Flesh Co understands that labels can take on a wide scope of materials and adhesives based on their use and application. This Opportunity Checklist can be used to aid in capturing the correct specifications so that Flesh Co can provide an accurate quote. This “white label” version contains no Flesh Co branding so you may forward to your clients.

Contact our sale team at 800.835.0098 or request your Label Solutions sample kit today!

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