Variable Image Printing

Highly accurate, top quality barcoding and consecutive numbering systems in variable image forms are critical for businesses. These are used to track inventory, reduce costs and ensure security for their clients. We use the latest technology to assure that 1D and 2D barcodes are always crisp and clear for precise readability. Modulus and jumbo numbering applications are produced completely accurate and consistent.

Variable imaged products can be produced in continuous, cut sheet, roll or unit set formats. A wide variety of special applications are available at Flesh Co such as: integrated labels, 1D or 2D barcoding, multi-part forms, perforations for removable tracking tags, security features and more.

The healthcare market is a prime user of variable imaging due to the critical need for accurate chain of custody involving medications and patient care. Barcoded documents with multiple integrated labels provide the means to connect the multitude of events that may occur during a medical care event or home care.

With Flesh Co, you can rest assured that your critical variable image documents such as chain of custody form production control records, shipping labels and maintenance forms are free of errors, mis-matches or duplicates.

Our team of experts has the skills and resources to help our trade partners with every aspect of the ordering and manufacturing process, ensuring you get just the right end product for your clients’ needs. Contact one of our sales representatives today to learn how we can help with your variable image printing needs.  Call 800.835.0098 or visit our online ordering site to request your own Variable Image Printing sample kit.

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