The primary targets in the education market will be larger universities, technical colleges and other learning centers that have a significant student population. These organizations have great potential for printed business forms, labels, ID cards and tags. You will also find multiple buyers between administration, registrar and alumni departments.

Administration may oversee the disbursement of student ID cards, parking permits (hang tags or window stickers), parking citations and other campus operational documents. They may also be purchasing the checks issued to vendors and students. This would be in addition to the normal business documents used for information gathering and transfer.

Transcripts issued by the Registrar's office should be viewed as a potential target for counterfeit attack. Counterfeiting may occur using mechanical, chemical or digital processes to alter, edit or copy a document. Transcripts should be protected using a layered approach beginning with a security paper, then the additional covert and overt printed security. Often these features must act as authentication systems as well.

The alumni department often requires high impact color printing for use in their fundraising drives. These mailings often include membership cards, window stickers or pre-addressed mailing labels to engage the reader and drive response rates. Using integrated labels and cards can be an effective means to boost the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Flesh Co offers added value...

  • Business documents should be designed for maximum efficiency. They must gather, store and transfer their information in an effective manner. Applications such as checks and transcripts must do this with a high degree of protection from counterfeiting. Flesh Co is one of the leading providers of document security systems.  (See our whitepapers)
  • Distributors should use their knowledge of security printing to help the education sector understand the options available. Likewise, in the alumni department, the effectiveness of the form may depend on the ability to increase response rates and drive donations. Incorporating our ability to combine labels with direct mail pieces can help drive response rates.
  • Using high color combined with innovative integrated designs can highlight your value as a business document professional. We offer up to eight color printing in many press sizes and document formats.
  • The experts at Flesh Co are ready to help you better understand the Educational market, applications and solutions that may increase your sales revenue.
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