Though much of the financial world has moved to digital systems, there are still print opportunities in many areas of this market. Check usage is declining, however, millions of checks continue to be issued every day and check fraud continues to be a major concern. This opens the door for the document security distributor to help banks, credit unions and other issuing companies with their counterfeit deterrent needs. Many credit unions also issue membership cards using integrated card formats allowing them to personalize the letter and card on their digital equipment. As with checks, ID cards should carry various forms of security and authentication to deter criminal use. Financial companies operating under a membership process may also issue membership or stock certificates. These will normally carry multiple layers of security within the paper and printed images including forms of authentication.

Flesh Co offers added value...

  • In addition to high quality offset printing, often additional features are required such as MICR (magnetic ink character recognition) numbering. Our production team are experts at financial document numbering systems.
  • Checks and money orders also require specific stocks so they may be scanned properly during execution. Flesh Co is licensed to produce on some of the highest security substrates.
  • Membership and other identification cards may require human readable numbering matched to a barcode for account assignment. This numbering and 1D code can be applied during our production process or added by the financial organization. We have the ability to use camera verification to ensure barcodes and sequential numbers match.
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