Each layer of government offers opportunities to provide printed documents. At a state level, distributors can use their expertise in security printing on vital records documents such as birth and death certificates. Vehicle titles are also targeted by counterfeiters and should be protected using layers of deterrent technologies. This can even include embedded thread similar to U. S. currency. States still issuing warrant checks are also opportunities for security print solutions.

Local government can be broken down into many segments, each offering a wealth of print opportunities. Permits for retailers, restaurants and other businesses are annual repeat orders each updated to the new year time frame. Permits are also issued to taxi and other transportation vendors. City transportation systems may be using ID cards or tickets purchased by passengers. These may be single day use or multi-day passes. Often these tickets have no security features to protect them from fraud. More importantly may be the fact there may be no means of authenticating a ticket or pass. Covert security features can be easily added to allow conductor and transportation staff the ability to authenticate a pass on site.

Other departments such as law enforcement will use traffic tickets, warrants, arrest reports and DUI kits which may include envelopes to hold the drivers' valuables during processing. Law enforcement can extend to area parks and wildlife areas where permits and tickets are a norm.

Though some government applications will be placed on bid programs, this can also be an advantage as it allows you to see a history of successful vendors to help you organize your proposal effectively.

Flesh Co offers added value...

  • Governments run on tight budgets which can provide the distributor with an advantage by reviewing each document to determine if improvement can be made to increase efficiency or reduce the cost. Our business document experts can help you with any design change deemed necessary.
  • Many government documents are targets for fraud as they can be used to generate new identities. Distributors need to be alert to recognize these documents and offer updates in counterfeit deterrent tactics. Our sales team can help you determine the best layers of security based on the application and level of risk to your customer.
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