It should be no surprise that the healthcare market is exploding with print opportunities. Whether the client is a hospital, clinic, doctor's office, lab, nursing home or other type of care provider facility, printed documents are a key element in each of them. Many factors affect the forms used in these environments. Patient privacy has driven the use of multiple barcodes to provide privacy while ensuring accurate tracking of medication and services. Multiple integrated labels using human readable numbering as well as 1D or 2D barcodes are combined with multiple part forms to form a chain of custody.

Likewise, laboratories running specific tests must have a means to accurately assign results to the correct patient. Some documents may require security features to deter counterfeiting, such as prescription forms issued by a physician. Documents as these, when forged, can increase drug theft or potentially allow for non-prescribed medication to be secured. Having multiple layers of security not only aids in deterring a counterfeit attack, they can aid in the authentication process.

Flesh Co offers added value...

  • Many healthcare forms are considered critical care documents. Numbering and barcodes must be consistent and free of error. Our team are experts at controlled numbering applications.
  • Documents may be continuous, unit set or laser in format as well as pen writable in many cases. Flesh Co has the capabilities to produce each of these formats and all with integrated labels when required.
  • It is important that the document functions properly and carries the needed forms of security to protect the patient information and identity as well as deter potential counterfeit attacks. Our team are experts at document security design.
  • Time is often another factor in completing and executing medical business forms. Proper design and construction can affect this process. Our internal sales team can assist you with document design and samples.
  • Screening can be used to help guide the users eye when adding or reading patient information. Flesh Co can print up to eight colors in many sizes allowing the distributor a wide range of design options.
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