The manufacturing market can cover a broad scope of industries. Companies that produce equipment, components, electrical supplies, televisions or vacuum cleaners all require business forms to run their operation. Custom printed forms may begin in the sales area with quote request, travel log sheets and manufacturing request forms. Once an order is secured there may be order entry documents which may become work orders in the plant areas.

Though many acknowledgments are now electronic, many are still paper-based. If special materials are needed, the manufacturer's purchasing department will need their own quotation forms or material request documents denoting the necessary specifications. The production environment itself may require time sheets, piece tickets, material defect documents, warehouse return labels and product marking labels.

In the shipping department, custom labels may be needed or, in some cases, labels may be incorporated into the production work order documents. The final stage of the manufacturing operation may be the accounting function where invoicing, statements and other paper-based documentation may be used. The key point is that manufacturing requires a wide breadth of documentation.

Naturally, the marketing department is a great potential customer for postcards, packaging inserts and other printed collateral.

Flesh Co offers added value...

  • In a manufacturing operation, like any business, efficiency and accuracy are critical. Good business forms design can bring value to the equation. Our internal sales team can help you design effective forms for your customers.
  • Every form should be reviewed annually to determine what design improvement should be made to increase the effectiveness of the form. Unnecessary parts can be eliminated to reduce cost. Key areas may be screened to aid in data entry as well as helping operators focus on information critical to the production. Flesh Co can produce up to eight colors in many sizes giving the distributor a wide range of design options.
  • Integrated labels can be incorporated for product marking and identification.
  • Variable imaging in 1D and 2D barcodes can be used to provide efficient workflow data gathering. These codes can be produced on affixed or integrated labels providing a complete chain of custody for tracking purposes.
  • Many documents used within a manufacturing operation will also touch the client. These should be treated as marketing opportunities and carry the company brand in the proper color.
  • QR codes can be utilized to encourage further customer engagement. These can be created using shortened URL’s so you can help your client track the click rate.
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