Non-profit does not mean "no money". Many non-profits spend thousands of dollars to drive their donation and fundraising efforts. Membership drives may utilize integrated ID cards for proof of membership and to allow access. Zoos, museums, science centers and other destinations may require ID cards with barcoding for authentication. Driving many fundraising programs will be direct mail. These often include pre-addressed integrated mailing labels as a token premium to help boost response rates and drive donors to higher levels of giving.

Some programs may generate VIP segments where parking permits and hang tags are required. These may be color coded or jumbo numbered to aid in recognition. Window decals may be supplied with membership renewals to give the donor the opportunity to show further support.

Alumni groups are another level of non-profits yet have the same challenges of driving donations. Like most non-profits they may have a specific window where direct mail campaigns are heavily used, however, additional programs and print will be used throughout the year. These are another location where address labels provided with the donation letter may help boost response rate. A window decal can also be included, often in the same form, to add further value to the donation request.

Flesh Co offers added value...

  • Non-profits can range from large associations to local clubs selling popcorn. Donor cards with window decals to pocket forms for collecting money are application opportunities.
  • Integrated applications can be used to combine labels and ID cards within the mailing function. This can reduce cost while driving response rates.
  • Full process color printing can be incorporated to raise brand awareness and generate event attendance.
  • Just like with any business, well designed business forms and labels must work effectively to drive the desired results. Our sales team can assist you with any new or updated design.
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