Service, Hospitality & Recreation

The service, hospitality and recreation market provides an assortment of sales potential for the print reseller. These include opportunities one might not think of when they think of business forms. Some of these businesses include restaurants, hotels, zoos, theaters, lawn care, appliance repair and thrill parks. All of these generate a tremendous amount of print. These products include traditional business forms as well as value added documents such as pocket forms or integrated cards.

Restaurants, hotels and resort locations are prime candidates for food service tickets, valet parking tags with jumbo numbering and guest identification cards to be used while on the resort property. Keep in mind the property could be floating. Cruise ships also require a variety of business and label printing.

Venues such as zoos, museums and water parks may use membership campaigns requiring annual membership renewals. This is an ideal opportunity for integrated or clean release cards with variable imaging. Access point applications such as membership IDs and daily tickets should also be considered for security print options.

Business forms used on location such as electricians, pest control and appliance repair are often unit set construction; however, laser and continuous formats are not uncommon. Barcoding and/or sequential numbering is the norm. Integrated labels can be used to keep repair dates and contact information directly on the appliance. Heavy tag stocks can be used for the last part of a business form to provide a hard writing surface for in-field completion and signature. Multiple parts provide copies for the home or business owner as well as the company for the accounting function. For ticket applications that must be imaged in the field, such as propane delivery, double faced carbon can be combined with translucent material to provide proper imaging. In summary, markets such as service, hospitality and recreation, each have their own unique business forms and label opportunities.

Flesh Co offers added value...

  • Form and label designs can be used to provide emergency service information or next date of service labels.
  • Integrated cards may be used for guest identification at resorts, theme parks and other destination venues.
  • Integrated label formats may be included in direct mail campaigns to provide parking permits or other window decals.
  • Counterfeit deterrent solutions may be incorporated with ID and permit applications to reduce forgery attacks and provide a means of authentication.


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