Print opportunities in transportation cover air travel to automobiles, trailers to snowmobiles and more. Vehicle titles are issued to prove ownership which means they are also targets for counterfeit attack. This drives the need for a high level of document security which may even include embedded holographic thread. Even trailers used on the open road must have a manufacturer's certificate of origin (MCO), another document often counterfeited. All vehicles require maintenance which generates print applications such as aircraft maintenance logs, quick lube window stickers, auto repair forms, maintenance date labels and quality inspection certificates.

Many cities maintain permit programs for taxi and other non-city owned transportation. These permits may be in the form of a window decal or paper permit that must be displayed within the business. All are opportunities to provide counterfeit deterrent options. City owned systems such as rail or bus programs require single or multi-day passes. These same systems must deal with fare evasion and ticket alteration providing yet another opportunity for the professional business forms distributor to bring their security expertise to the table. Off-road recreational vehicles may require annual permits. These may be in the form of a label or form/label combinations. A large opportunity exists in the trucking industry which continues to use driver's log books and pro labels for shipment transfers. If it moves, it may be accompanied by a print opportunity.

Flesh Co offers added value...

  • Many transportation documents are targeted by criminals for forgery and replication. Adding security features to deter these attacks can add value to the print distributors offering while reducing potential loss and liability of the end user.
  • Permits issued by local government are another example of a potential target. Any document that has a perceived value should be reviewed for security options.
  • Reporting documents are no exception. Aircraft maintenance logs often carry features to prevent erasures and edits.
  • Documents not requiring security are still profitable orders to pursue. Variable imaging using 1D or 2D codes combined with human readable number are common.
  • Traffic tickets continue to exist particularly in smaller towns and can be a great source of reorder business. We have the ability to incorporate envelopes within the citation document to aid in revenue collection.
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