Warehouse and Distribution

Warehouse and distribution often go hand in hand as both are connected in the supply chain process. The documents used within these markets may vary, but often have a common denominator…barcodes. Tracking shipments, whether in transit or on a warehouse storage rack, is critical and can require a wide range of variable numbering options.

Warehouse operation may work on a first in/first out (FIFO) process. Receiving operations may use tags or labels to mark incoming products so they may be accessed and released in the proper sequence. Rack tags and labels often require jumbo numbering including large barcode areas so they may be scanned at an extreme distance. Labels containing large barcodes may also be slit so segments of that code can be removed and applied to outgoing packages from the parent skid. Many online retail warehouses will use pick tickets, printed by laser or thermal printers, containing integrated labels to be used for shipping. Integrated labels allow the company to apply barcode imaging to the document and label in the same printing process which reduces shipment errors. The pick ticket is used to collect the items which are boxed and the shipping label applied to the exterior of the carton.

Trucking companies used for the distribution process may require driver's log books, pro labels and time sheets to track shipments as well as driver activity. Distribution also covers air shipments which will include their own format of shipping documentation. Air shipping can generate other print orders such as maintenance logs which is mandated by the FAA. This application is another opportunity to provide counterfeit deterrent solutions so that the logs cannot be altered. Covert security tactics can reduce the opportunity for unauthorized edits.

Flesh Co offers added value...

  • Warehouse and distribution are partner vertical markets that can lead to new sales revenue. Flesh Co can help you understand the opportunities within these areas.
  • Barcode imaging drives many of the applications due to the high level of tracking required in the supply chain. These same documents can carry a higher value by incorporating integrated labels containing the barcoding to improve the efficiency of the document. Our production team are experts on barcode documents and labels.
  • The sales team at Flesh Co is ready to help you with any document or label solutions that your clients may require. Whether dealing with a current design or creating a new document application, our team has years of experience to assist you.
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