How do you 5s 40,000 square feet?


Flesh Co has begun Phase one of a three phase 5s program involving their off-site warehouse in Parsons, KS.  The building was originally the short run print division of Flesh Co.  Today the location serves as warehousing for customer stock, inventory, parts and special projects.  Though all of the primary production is in the main plant, all facilities within the company are subsequent to 5s standards.  The initial phase focused on the shipping office and print center.  The following phases will cover the entry way, warehouse and maintenance inventories.

5s refers to a five step process for continual improvement involving: Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain.   A team is comprised of volunteers from all departments who are relieved of the current positions for the duration of the Kaizen event.

 SR 5s

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