2015 Distributor Benchmarking Survey

How does your company — its business operations, products and services, customer segments, marketing strategies, sales compensation plans and much more — stack up against competitors? That’s not easy to figure out.


What are your distributor peers doing that you’re not doing, and vice-versa? What blueprints can you snag, and what decisions can you make, to boost sales and profitability?


Order the exclusive 2015 PSDA Benchmark Study, and find out. You’ll receive it right away.





The content of this report is relevant for distributors of all sizes and specialties as well as their channel partners. It tells the story of a dynamic industry – one marked by increasing diversity, consolidation and potential growth.


The Study is broken down into three easy-to-follow sections — COMPANIES, CUSTOMERS AND THE FUTURE. Each section is filled with charts, graphs and copy that make the industry’s challenges, goals and opportunities “pop” on the page. Your business would benefit if you literally flipped through these sections, because they’re bound to spark discussion among your team members.


The Study also includes an appendix for readers who want to grasp the full breadth of the report.  You can analyze all respondent data about operations, customers, products, revenue and expenses, employee benefits, salesforce practices and compensation.


This is one of the many benefits of membership in the PSDA.   Click here for more information and to order your copy of the new 2015 report.


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