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Though much of the financial world has moved to digital systems, there are still many custom printedfinancial forms necessary. Check usage is declining, however, millions of checks continue to be issued every day and check fraud continues to be a major concern. The lack of updated, layered security features with a check or money order may leave it open for counterfeit attack by forgery or alteration.

Many credit unions also issue membership cards using integrated card formats allowing them to personalize the letter and card on their digital equipment. As with checks, ID cards should carry various forms of security and authentication to deter criminal use.  Financial companies operating under a membership process may also issue membership or stock certificates. These will normally carry multiple layers of security within the paper and printed images including forms of authentication.

Our expertise

Flesh Co is a leading manufacturer of custom printed business documents.  Financial institutions use a wide scope of printed forms for lending and other business transactions.   Whether the format requires cut sheets, unit set or continuous formats, Flesh Co has the equipment to provide the best solution for your application.  In cases of documents such as checks and money orders, it is important to know that these document not only contain update security solutions to deter counterfeiting, they should also be manufactured within a secure facility.  Flesh Co utilized key fob entry with a multitude of cameras throughout the facility from order entry to production to shipping.  

Whether your need is a simple multiple part business document or a document with multiple layers of security to deter forgery, alteration or duplication, Flesh Co can provide you the best solution.

Our channel partners

As a trade printer, we work with the best channel partners in the industry.  They bring an additional level of expertise to the process.   Once we have determined an initial solution concept, our channel partner will be introduced.   They become your primary contact to ensure your print order is accurately designed for your application and placed with our factory.  Once we have begun working with your company, our partners can help identify other potential opportunities for document updating and redesign.


Combining the years of expertise Flesh Co has accumulated in business document production with the regional effectiveness of our channel partners, provides our mutual customers with the best products and services available in the print industry.  To discuss your specific printing needs, please contact our sales team at 800.745.7921 or by email at findadealer@fleshco.com.  We will help define the best solution, then introduce you to one of our channel partners.

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