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Manufacturing operations survive on excellent information flow.  From the initial sales quotation to a final product shipping from their facility, information is needed for each department to perform their function accurately.  Effective forms design can improve productivity and reduce potential errors.  Order entry and production order documents must be designed to capture the necessary information in a format that is easy to complete as well as easy to read at the various work stations.  Inventory request forms may be used to pull material and return unused portions at a later time. 

Consecutive numbers or barcode imaging may be included for real time reporting capture.  Product or manufacturingcomponent marking labels are used and typically require matched numbering to the production documentation.   In some instances, these labels may require tamper proof features where warranty or repair services are needed.  Shipping labels are generated near the end of the production process.  In many applications these can be incorporated into the document so any variable information is consistent with other documentation.  Selecting the best label substrate and adhesive is often determined by the product or box surface and the application process.

Our expertise

Producing business forms is a complicated production process in itself.  Construction formats will vary based on how the form is imaged and how parts must be distributed.    Flesh Co has several Certified Forms Consultants on staff to help you design the best format for your needs.    Utilizing a variety of substrates and printing options, we can create business forms that perform to your specifications.   Our equipment capabilities allow us to combine various components, such as integrating a label into the document.  Form and label combinations may require both offset and flexography printing.   It’s important in these applications that both components are produced with equal quality.  Many plants must outsource the flexography printing.  At Flesh Co, all print production processes are under one roof.  This allows us to follow our normal quality control processes in every phase of production.   Having all production under one roof also means we meet our delivery requirements.

Our channel partners

As a trade printer, we work with the best channel partners in the industry.  They bring an additional level of expertise to the process.   Once we have determined an initial solution concept, our channel partner will be introduced.   They become your primary contact to ensure your print order is accurately designed for your application and placed with our factory.  Once we have begun working with your company, our partners can help identify other potential opportunities for document updating and redesign.


Combining the years of expertise Flesh Co has accumulated in business document production with the regional effectiveness of our channel partners, provides our mutual customers with the best products and services available in the print industry.  To discuss your specific printing needs, please contact our sales team at 800.745.7921 or by email at findadealer@fleshco.com.  We will help define the best solution, then introduce you to one of our channel partners.

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