Print Solutions for Service, Hospitality and Recreation


Business forms are used in all segments of the service market.  This includes home and office services as well as hospitality services provided on-site such as a restaurant or destination venue.   Unit set formats are often used for home service providers as they are more convenient to add information gathered during the visit.  This information can be added and copies left with the customer.  Labels can be integrated into the design to supply next service date and other product labeling applications.  These can even include envelope for mailing payment or holding documentation.

Destination venues may use identification cards for their guests.  ID cards can be incorporated into recreationmany designs, most often laser cut sheets.  This allows the venue to generate a personalized card for each guest on demand.  Substrates may vary from simple paper to synthetic when durability is a concern.   For applications that may involve guest access, security features can be included to deter counterfeiting and provide for simple means of authentication.

Our expertise

Flesh Co. has produced unit set and cut sheet applications for the service industry for over 100 years.  Whether the application requires a one part form or a six part (or more) form with integrated labels, Flesh Co has the capabilities and expertise to provide the best solution.  In addition to operational documents, we produce checks and gift certificates often used in the hospitality market.  Similar to identification cards, these applications may carry some form of security solution to deter counterfeiting and fraud.

Our channel partners

As a trade printer, we work with the best channel partners in the industry.  They bring an additional level of expertise to the process.   Once we have determined an initial solution concept, our channel partner will be introduced.   They become your primary contact to ensure your print order is accurately designed for your application and placed with our factory.  Once we have begun working with your company, our partners can help identify other potential opportunities for document updating and redesign.


Combining the years of expertise Flesh Co has accumulated in business document production with the regional effectiveness of our channel partners, provides our mutual customers with the best products and services available in the print industry.  To discuss your specific printing needs, please contact our sales team at 800.745.7921 or by email at findadealer@fleshco.com.  We will help define the best solution, then introduce you to one of our channel partners.

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