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The world of transportation is large even though only two things are every carried: people or products.  The type of transportation runs the gamut from cars to trains to boats.  Each type of business requires custom forms and labels in order to operate.   In some cases, simple business forms are used for maintenance records, driver’s logs or inspection reports.  In other cases, such as city transit systems, security features may be required in order to deter counterfeit attack and provide a method for ticket authentication.  Effective document design combined with high quality production methods assure that the printed application functions correctly maintain information flow.

Our expertise

Flesh Co provides custom print solutions for nearly every aspect of the transportation industry.   Our capabilities have expanded beyond traditional custom business forms to documents that incorporate multiple technologies for higher efficiency.

Metro transit systems may use daily, weekly or monthly tickets issued from a point of sale kiosk.  transportationThese are thermal printed for the date of use.  Many operations have added security features to deter alteration or coping which results in a loss of revenue.  This features do not affect the printing or execution, however, they can reduce attacks and provide for in-field authentication when required.  City transit may also include taxi and other personal transportation services which may require a city license or permit.   This in another area where security features may be necessary to deter counterfeiting and alteration.

Supply chain service providers are a large segment of the transportation market.  Delivery services require many forms of documents to track shipments.  These include both business forms and label printed with variable image 1D and/or 2D barcoding.  These company’s rely on fast and accurate scanning of the tracking barcode in order to meet deliver and make a profit.  High quality imaging on the correct reflective substrates is critical.  Flesh Co utilized the latest in inline digital ink jet technology to create variable numbering and barcoding on business forms and labels.  We also integrate labels into many business document applications to reduce printer time and product marking errors.

Our channel partners

As a trade printer, we work with the best channel partners in the industry.  They bring an additional level of expertise to the process.   Once we have determined an initial solution concept, our channel partner will be introduced.   They become your primary contact to ensure your print order is accurately designed for your application and placed with our factory.  Once we have begun working with your company, our partners can help identify other potential opportunities for document updating and redesign.


Combining the years of expertise Flesh Co has accumulated in business document production with the regional effectiveness of our channel partners, provides our mutual customers with the best products and services available in the print industry.  To discuss your specific printing needs, please contact our sales team at 800.745.7921 or by email at findadealer@fleshco.com.  We will help define the best solution, then introduce you to one of our channel partners.

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