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Flesh Co understands that we are a raw product supplier to your company. We can provide custom printed shells in sheet, fan fold or roll form which you will use to create powerful mailings for your clients. Our quality must be top notch so your internal process remains efficient and mailings are produced on time.

Our ability to provide integrated cards, clean release cards and various levels of form and label applications, gives your company access to high impact forms to drive response rates. Your expertise in adding variable information and personalization increases the value of these forms. By combining high quality offset printing from Flesh Co with your digital printing and fulfillment services, end customers will receive the best of both worlds.

We understand that direct mail firms must work in multiple media formats. You may need postcards one day and jumbo rolls the next. We also understand that you may not be fully knowledgeable of the types of business applications that can be created. We offer a large sample library and numerous kits on both specific products and vertical markets. These are available to you from our website or by contacting our sales team. In addition, our remote sales force will come to your location to present more detailed information and answer any questions you may have. This also allows us to understand your equipment and the type of media format you may require. We will assign a single internal sales representative and assistant to your account so you are always talking with the same representative who knows your company.

Flesh Co wants to be your trusted trade-printing partner. Contact us today…learn about the products and services you need…and sell them tomorrow. We’ll be here to back up your commitments with top quality work, delivered on time, every time.

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