Promotional Product Resellers

Flesh Co understands business forms and labels. You understand the value in helping your clients manage their brand and marketing. As partners, not only can we help you gain access to new sales revenues by providing business printing, you can help your customer by managing their brand within those business documents.

Promotional product sales are different than that of business printing. The products are more customized to your client and therefore may be seen as more technical in nature. Our internal sales team is there to help you work through this process. They have years of experience working with resellers new to the business print marketplace.

In addition, we offer a unique series of whitepapers developed specifically to address the questions most promotional products resellers have regarding the business forms market and manufacturer relationship. These are available to you 24/7 from our website. We also have our remote sales team who can help you understand the markets and applications that you can tap into with your current customer base. They will also provide your sales team with onsite sales calls using a lunch and learn format. This gives your sales team the opportunity to ask questions and learn from an expert.

Flesh Co wants to be your trusted trade-printing partner. Contact us today…learn about the products and services you need…and sell them tomorrow. We’ll be here to back up your commitments with top quality work, delivered on time, every time

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