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Flesh Co understands that your core business is driving print orders to your equipment. We appreciate the fact that you are looking outside of your traditional business to find new revenue channels through account penetration.

Our company has survived over 100 years by providing customers with quality printing in business forms and labels. Our ability to create value added solutions using integrated labels, clean release cards, variable imaging and more, has set us apart from our competition. These solutions should be seen as an extension of your product line to allow you to fully serve your customers.

If you are unfamiliar with the business forms product lines, our sales team is ready to help begin your education. We have an extensive sample library and excellent vertical market kits, each containing solutions you can be selling. Our remote sales team is available to come to your location to present a program on our capabilities and learn more about your individual needs and goals. We are not your competitor, we are your partner.

Contact us today…learn about the products and services you need…and sell them tomorrow. We’ll be here to back up your commitments with top quality work, delivered on time, every time.

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